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DCA Consulting is a privately owned consulting business located in Orange County, California, providing professional strategic services and software best fit recommendations to city and county government agencies across Southern California. We leverage a spectrum of over 25 years of experience within the Public Sector industry. We are well versed in enterprise account management and ERP business development, Land Management and Plan Review solutions, as well as the associated implementation and System Integrator eco system. DCA Consulting assists agencies identify and select best fit solutions through assessments and best practices based on strategic goals, budget and short-and long-term business objectives. Our number one priority is to identify solutions that will achieve efficiencies that will improve staff productivity while meeting the needs of the constituents within each community.



“Dave’s experience and broad understanding of government technology for community development departments can streamline the department to make right decisions.” 

 Michael Chegini, CEO  


For over 25 years, David Avila has achieved a proven success record in account management, direct sales, and sales management.

Local and State Government Expertise

Dave has gained a full understanding of back-office applications, specific to City, County, and State government ERP business systems. He has an in-depth knowledge of Community Development, Planning – Plan Review/ Plan Design processes including the AEC industry, Public Works, Business License, Environmental Health, Citizen Portal and Field Staff Productivity Apps, as well as Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management applications.  Dave is also well versed in technology offerings such as Cloud based SaaS and iPaaS.


Sales Management Development Consulting

Dave has achieved Sales Success in the development and management
of sales  organizations in building sales and marketing infrastructure for small and large companies such as Ceridian, PerformanceSoft, Pilot Software, ePlanSoft and EdgeSoft.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your business goals. Whether you need help with building, configuring or scripting a business solution in place or implementing a new one, we have resources to assist and project manage the task. 


Business Technology Consulting

We surround ourselves with experts in government solutions that provide real life experience to help agencies select the right products and technologies to solve problems today and plan for tomorrow.