The Practical Solution to Improve Efficiency and Compliance

JANUARY 18, 2023

e-PlanREVIEW® is a web-based electronic plan review solution that allows for a well-coordinated, collaborative review process where multiple reviewers can mark up plans simultaneously, making the review process faster and more accurate.

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Assembly Bill 838 code enforcement mandates review 

JANUARY 12, 2024

Pete Roque will be breaking down Assembly Bill 838 in the most simplest way possible at a presentation presented by the Ventura Region Chapter of ICC.

He will be discussing mandates for Code Enforcement officers to act as first responders to complaints regarding substandard housing and lead hazards. This bill highlights the increasing responsibility and vital role of code officials in ensuring safe and healthy living conditions.

Pete will be examining the challenges and strategies for effective enforcement, emphasizing the necessity for code officials to be well-informed and proactive in addressing these critical housing issues. Join Pete on Wednesday January 17th for a quick overview of this law.


JANUARY 12, 2024

Here is an informative and helpful article that explores the benefits of electronic plan review and how e-PlanSoft™ is revolutionizing the way governments can streamline their processes.

The article explains what is involved in an electronic review, the benefits of digital reviews, how to conduct a review and what should be considered before adopting plan review software. Ultimately assisting in making plan reviews easier, faster and more intuitive.   

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NOVEMBER 29, 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, “AI” is becoming as plentiful as the air we breathe. But while many praise its potential, not all understand its workings, especially when applied to specialized fields like planning.

This is an article , e-PlanSoft™ decodes AI and its application in the plan review process. It helps to clarify the AI conversation by bridging the AI expection gap in the plan review process. We encourage you to give it a read.

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OCTOBER 26, 2023

The landscape of digital plan review and document collaboration is ever-evolving, and so e-PlanSoft™’s zeal to push boundaries and redefine standards.  Click on the link below to learn about their cutting edge solutions that is based on their deep rooted commitment to their users.

This is an article , they delve in to the heart of worth taking a look at e-PlanSoft™ ‘s ethos, revealing how their user community’s insights and feedback have driven their trailblazing innovations. The article explores the symbiotic relationship between customer feedback and their journey toward reshaping the digital plan review landscape. .

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DCA Consulting sponsors Code Enforcement Chapter of Orange County networking event

AUGUST 24, 2023

Join us Friday, August 25th at 1886 Brewing Company in the beautiful City of Orange, California for the International Code Council Code Enforcement Chapter of Orange County networking event. We are deeply grateful for the chance to connect and share DCA Consulting’s expertise. With 25+ years of public sector experience, they’re committed to streamlining processes and enhancing productivity in city and county governments across SoCal. Special thanks to Dave Avila contributions and support of Code Enforcement. For more info visit

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The 2023 #ePlanning Software Comparison Review is Here!

JULY 26, 2023

In an evolving landscape of digital design, plan review, and construction software, selecting the right tool for your project is more crucial than ever. Bluebeam, Adobe, e-PlanSoft™, Avolve? Click on the linke below to learn more about each and determine the best solution for your municipality  and your agency.

We believe this is a legitimate comparison of plan review solutions for consideration.

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President Obama shares career advice for young people

JULY 10, 2023

“Just learn how to get stuff done.” 
His words might seem simple, but their impact is profound. In a world overflowing with words and ideas, it’s the actions we take that truly shape our careers and transform our lives.

Words of wisdom from a true leader – it’s not about talking the talk, it’s about walking the walk! In a world full of dreams and aspirations, it’s easy to get caught up in endless chatter. But remember, the real magic happens when you turn those ideas into ACTION!

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Presenting the Digital Cities Survey 2023

JUNE 29, 2023

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) invites you to participate in the 2023 Digital Cities Survey!

ALL U.S. cities, towns, and villages are invited to participate including all smaller population-sized cities. Consolidated city/county governments may select one survey in which to participate annually, either the Digital Cities Survey now or the Digital Counties Survey next spring.

Deadline for submission is July 20.

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The Remarkable Cost Savings Enabled by
e-PlanSoft™ in Irvine

Michael Chegini, CEO,
Founder & President

JUNE 27, 2023

Michael Chegini, the CEO and Founder of ePlanSoft has many inspiring stories of innovation and problem-solving; one of them is how his innovation had the capability of saving the City of Irvine millions of dollars.

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Building Safety Month – Joint Chapter Meeting

MAY 14, 2023

May 18, 2023, 11am to 2pm
Multiple Chapter Members
In Person – Luminarias Restaurant
Lunch to be provided.
In person only,
this will be a great networking event!
Members: $40, and Non Members $50

El Mes de la Seguridad en la Construcción

MAY 8, 2023

Una declaracion muy ejemplar!

Durante la Semana de Reconocimiento al Servicio Público y el Mes de la Seguridad en la Construcción, celebramos a los profesionales que dedican sus vidas al servicio público y a mantenernos seguros. #buildingsafety365




CALBO Welcomes the 2023-2024 Board of Directors

MAY 1, 2023

CALBO’s 61st Annual Business Meeting: Another Successful Annual Gathering

At CALBO’s 61st Annual Business Meeting, members gathered for a week of networking, education, and professional development opportunities. Numerous workshops and seminars were held throughout the program’s four days.

The 2023-2024 CALBO Board of Directors were elected and confirmed for the new membership year, and fellow members were honored for their contributions to our organization and industry.

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Five Ways to Become
a Data-driven Local Government

April 21, 2023

Basing choices on reason & metrics allows leaders to explain & defend their actions & gain support

Basing choices on reason and metrics allows leaders to explain and defend their actions and gain support. Data-based decisions are also more likely to result in the desired outcomes. But not every organization has a dedicated data program or the resources to launch one.

Here are five important considerations:

  1. Understand Your Goals and Vision
  2. Assess Your Current Data Resources
  3. Develop an Action Plan to Move Your Organization Forward
  4. Create a Learning Culture
  5. Measure What Matters


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Cesar ChaveZ Day 

March 31st, 2023

March 31, 2023

A phrase we all know so well
but may not believe: “Si Se Puede!!”

A true American hero, Cesar Chavez was a civil rights, Latino and farm labor leader; a genuinely religious and spiritual figure; a community organizer and social entrepreneur; a champion of militant nonviolent social change; and a crusader for the environment and consumer rights.

A first-generation American, he was born on March 31, 1927 near his family’s small homestead outside Yuma, Arizona. At age 11, his family lost their farm during the Great Depression and became migrant farm workers. Throughout his youth and into adulthood, Cesar traveled the migrant streams throughout California laboring in the fields, orchards and vineyards where he was exposed to the hardships and injustices of farm worker life …

about Cesar chavez